SZ Week StatsOver the past few months I’ve noticed that Shh, Zom­bies is get­ting a steady down­load rate of approx­i­mate­ly 20–40 new installs, per week, on the Win­dows store, but hard­ly any con­ver­sions from the tri­al to full (I think one pur­chase in the past six months).

I’ve improved my Uni­ty skills by a vast amount, since the release of Shh, Zom­bies and look­ing back at it now, I’m not hap­py with the 3D mod­els. It’s time to attempt to turn those week­ly tri­al installs into pur­chas­es by doing a huge graph­i­cal update to the game, adding some post pro­cess­ing to the cam­era, and attempt­ing to make the game run better.

Here are a few screen­shots to show a com­par­i­son of what to expect in the com­ing update (old on the left, new on the right (obvi­ous­ly)).

Main Menu

SZ Menu

Level 1

SZ Level 1

Level 3

SZ Level 3