Shh,Zombies Prototype Launch!

I’d like to officially announce the game I’ve been working on (even though I’ve blogged about it before): Shh,Zombies!
I’d also like to use this blog post for the prototype launch, as well as to ask you to have a play of it, and give any feedback of your experience – more on this towards the bottom.

Shh,Zombies was originally an idea I had to be the companion app to an incredibly awesome Zombie MMO idea I was developing (might tidy it up and post it one day) – ‘Survive’. Shh,Zombies would have been a mobile app to help spread the word of the main game, and would have included the player profile, player stats, game status, server status, and various other things for players with active accounts in ‘Survive’. This app would have also included a mini puzzle game, giving players of ‘Survive’ and non-players a reason to use the app.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to be making an MMO, so the puzzle game evolved into Shh,Zombies and I’ve been making it for about 2 months or so.

Shh,Zombies is a puzzle game where players must get their character to the safe house, by setting out a safe path through the level. Avoid zombies, overcoming obstacles and using the environment to their own ends. Players must be wary, as zombies are attracted to loud noises, making it possible for sound to be both an ally and a danger.


– Zombies attract by sight and sound.

– Top down, bird’s eye view.

– Grid, turn-based gameplay.

– You set up the path for the character to run along.

– Set different actions to happen along the path (run, jump, crawl, shoot, throw grenade, etc). – not in prototype.

– Replayability, with day (normal difficulty) and night (hard difficulty) modes, with more zombies and less light during night time.

– Trivia mode; where each level has a question, the answer to the question is a number. To successfully complete the level, the player must complete the level in that amount of moves.

– On-going updates bringing new official levels and community submitted levels.


Send feedback to:
Please have a play, there are 5 levels, and each shouldn’t take long to complete. At this point, I’d like to add some caveats:

– It’s possible to place markers where the player can’t reach, this will be fixed later, so please don’t comment to me about it. If you do do it, it’ll spoil the experience a little bit.

– The player currently turns to point at the top of the screen at each marker, this isn’t intended – I just haven’t fixed it yet.

– Please read the instructions.

– These levels will probably be used as tutorial levels.

– Obviously no art assets are in game yet, the assets will be made with Quibcle. The art style I’m going for is this (image from minddesk).

– *SPOILER* Those two grey cubes in the middle of level 3, are cars, you can climb over them (unfortunately, the solution currently doesn’t work 100% of the time).


Missed from the instructions, the exit is the red sphere on the right side of the play area.

Click here to be taken to the wonderfully, awesome game! (Unity player required: )

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