A* Path Nodes

A* Path Nodes, not exactly the same as the tutorial, causing a problem?

In my last post I was talking about a tutorial I’d started, written by Tim Miller from Rocket 5 Studios, as part of iDevBlogADay. Well, I’ve finally progressed as far as finishing his tutorial! And added an early main menu.

Try my (early, alpha? nah, pre-alpha!) version of ‘Lode Runner’ here.

Still some problems I’m having, but hopefully Tim will reply to my post in the comments soon.

1- When pressing space to shoot, the player becomes stuck. I can see in the inspector that “shooting” remains ticked after pressing space.
2- The enemy AI is a bit poor, I’m assuming because I’ve done something wrong. It quite often stands on the sport spinning round or stuck against a wall. My nodes don’t look exactly the same as in the tutorial.
3- Ignore the text along the top, in the game, I added ‘:’ to separate the text and the numbers, this made all the text along the top too long .. need to edit.

Due to something going wrong, I had to start all over again, had just reached part 5 as well. Managed to do it much quicker second time round though.

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