Portfolio Piece

I’ve recently started work on a new portfolio piece, which I wanted to show off, the project will have a small hub world which will lead off to four games.


A rotating cube which allows the player to run around on five of the cubes faces. The starting face, the top of the cube, will serve as a kicking off point telling the player their goal and where to go. They can then run around, destroy a few things, explore the other sides. As they walk between the faces the cube will rotate, giving the new face the focus and changing the gravity. Each of the remaining four faces will have a portal taking the player to a game.

Planned Games

These small scale games will be different in play style, but be easy to pick up; understand; and finish. A quick synopsis of the games:
1- Puzzler, using Shh, Zombies as a base to do a small puzzle game.
2- Infinite runner
3- Space Invaders
4- Still deciding … maybe a small scale tower defence game

The art assets for this have been purchased, the point is to demonstrate my ability to code the game mechanics required for these types of games, and have them presented with excellent quality.

Development has started with the Space Invaders game, and a WIP screenshot can be seen below.

Space Invaders Preview

I like to capture and show humorous looking bugs that crop up during development, here’s a few that have happened so far (and been fixed): https://gyazo.com/collections/15b47f4a4028c86c22c6fc4b962d183b

[Update 09/07/16: 

Started designing the hub world, here’s the top of it and one of the sides … the side which will take you to the space invaders ]



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