New Project

I’ve had a new idea! Well, I’ve furthered an old idea into a more well rounded idea, and done some early game design. No name as yet for this, it was originally planned to be an additional app to go with ‘Survive’, my Zombie MMO project, but as that will A) take a very long time to come to fruition and, of course, B) never happen, I’ve started to think about this Zombie puzzle app a bit more and even start work on it. More on this in another post I think.

Unity 2D Tutorial
I hadn’t search for a tutorial to make 2d games in Unity for a while, but last I looked I couldn’t find anything relevant, OR up to date. Thankfully, I work with developers (iOS and Android, and web, flash.. everything), of which they’ve been making 2D games in Unity, so got a tutorial from one of them. This one, from Rocket 5 studios. A well written tutorial remaking the old retro game ‘Lode Runner’. I’ve just finished part 2, which took me longer than it should have, after misreading something and putting a sprite object (the brick) so it was a child of the animation object, instead of being it’s own thing. Doing this meant pressing ‘Play’ wouldn’t show me the brick where I wanted it, and kept resetting values I changed, I almost gave up and started again, but after about an hour of checking and re-checking, searching the net for why values reset, I found a post on the Unity forums to a fairly unrelated topic talking about parent values having the highest priority. Off I went to check the animation object and there it was, the problem! Changed the values here and hey presto, it worked! Such relief! Re-read this section of the tutorial and realised the brick shouldn’t be in there, it’s now moved and section 2 has been completed! Section 3, tomorrow.

Lode Runner level

My Lode Runner level for the Unity 2D tutorial

Incidentally, one of the plugins required for this tutorial, iTween, looks like it might be of use for my zombie puzzler, I live in hope it’s that easy.

Until next time!

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