Shh,Zombies UI

Marek, my awesome friend and art guy has designed some amazing bits of UI for Shh,Zombies. Just take a look at these in-game screenshots! [gallery type="thumbnails" link="file" ids="421,422,424,423"]


Shh,Zombies rebuilding of the levels

Happy New Year everyone! Since coming back from the Christmas break, I've been re-making the in-game assets to fit in the grid correctly. Making sure that everything is (at minimum) 1x1 grid, and scales up by at least 1 grid


Shh,Zombies Prototype Launch!

I'd like to officially announce the game I've been working on (even though I've blogged about it before): Shh,Zombies! I'd also like to use this blog post for the prototype launch, as well as to ask you to have a


Unity Project Started!

A few weeks ago I embarked on a long journey, what I imagine to be a very long journey. I started my first game in Unity, "Shh,Zombies". In the few weeks I've been working on this, I've made a lot

A* Path Nodes


[caption id="attachment_281" align="aligncenter" width="560"] A* Path Nodes, not exactly the same as the tutorial, causing a problem?[/caption] In my last post I was talking about a tutorial I'd started, written by Tim Miller from Rocket 5 Studios, as part of

Lode Runner level

New Project

I've had a new idea! Well, I've furthered an old idea into a more well rounded idea, and done some early game design. No name as yet for this, it was originally planned to be an additional app to go


Portal 2 Steam Workshop

Recently I finally got around to trying out the Portal 2 in-game level editor, and now have 2 puzzles released on the Steam Workshop (which can be found here). SuperEasy: Direct Link Found it easy to use, but difficult to

Enigma 23 Logo - slider version

Enigma 23 — First Post!

Hello, welcome! Welcome to 'Enigma 23', the pseudo real game developer for the aspiring designer, Peter Law. This site is my portfolio site, I will be adding projects I work on here to show off my work. The reason I'm