A few weeks ago I embarked on a long jour­ney, what I imag­ine to be a very long jour­ney. I start­ed my first game in Uni­ty, “Shh,Zombies”. In the few weeks I’ve been work­ing on this, I’ve made a lot more progress than I had expect­ed to do! With some help from a Uni­ty dev at work, and a lot of google search­es the project is com­ing along nicely.

My “To Do” list, start­ed off like this:

Shh,Zombies to do list

Now, it looks like this, big­ger, with most of it ticked off (but still a lot to add):

Extend­ed to do list for Shh,Zombies

And to fin­ish off this blog post, here’s an ear­ly mock up of what the play­er char­ac­ter is going to look like, kin­da … ish.

Shh,Zombies play­er character