A* Path Nodes
A* Path Nodes, not exact­ly the same as the tuto­r­i­al, caus­ing a problem?

In my last post I was talk­ing about a tuto­r­i­al I’d start­ed, writ­ten by Tim Miller from Rock­et 5 Stu­dios, as part of iDe­vBlo­gA­Day. Well, I’ve final­ly pro­gressed as far as fin­ish­ing his tuto­r­i­al! And added an ear­ly main menu.

Try my (ear­ly, alpha? nah, pre-alpha!) ver­sion of ‘Lode Run­ner’ here.

Still some prob­lems I’m hav­ing, but hope­ful­ly Tim will reply to my post in the com­ments soon.

1- When press­ing space to shoot, the play­er becomes stuck. I can see in the inspec­tor that “shoot­ing” remains ticked after press­ing space.
2- The ene­my AI is a bit poor, I’m assum­ing because I’ve done some­thing wrong. It quite often stands on the sport spin­ning round or stuck against a wall. My nodes don’t look exact­ly the same as in the tutorial.
3- Ignore the text along the top, in the game, I added ‘:’ to sep­a­rate the text and the num­bers, this made all the text along the top too long .. need to edit.

Due to some­thing going wrong, I had to start all over again, had just reached part 5 as well. Man­aged to do it much quick­er sec­ond time round though.