AVC - Arcade Vehicle Controller

Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) is a simple vehicle controller asset allowing you to create any type of vehicle – car, hover car, motorbike, boat. The customizable arcade‑y feel to the vehicles gives a fun, satisfying, player experience to your vehicles

ELP - Editor Level Pairing

This is a plugin for users who work worth Unity’s multi-scene editing and are frustrated with the cumbersome built in way of swapping in/out scenes. ELP fixes this problem, making working with multi-scene editing in the editor quick and easy.

Super 23 Racing Mobile

Top down racing game for mobile (iOS and Android). Race around 9 tracks, with 14 different vehicles, across 3 game modes.

Minecart Runner

An on rails infinite runner, jump gaps in the rails, over obstacles and collect the precious items. See how far you can get and compete against your friends to be the best! Available for FREE on: iOS, Android and Amazon

Enigma 23

The 23 enigma refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some modification of the number 23, or a number related to the number 23.

Peter Law - Game Designer and Unity Developer

I am a games designer and Unity developer, a highly motivated and enthusiastic one, with a natural ability to learn new technology, software and hardware extremely quickly. I am a self-taught Unity3D and C# developer, with two released titles on iOS, Android (Google Play and Amazon) and Windows Store (desktop). My time working in Quality Assurance has helped me focus my design skills to improve my understanding of UX, enabling me to develop better and more intuitive user gaming experiences. My design ethos is to make games easy to understand and play, difficult to master. Enigma 23 is the name of the indie game development studio I develop under, more information about Enigma 23 can be found on the about page.

Game Design

  • 3D/ 2D game design
  • Puzzle design and implementation
  • Game mechanics concept and design
  • Game combat systems design for FPS
  • 3D/ 2D platform level design and game mechanics

Coding - C#

  • Gameplay scripting
  • Scripting of dynamic level generation
  • Game mechanic scripting
  • Control implementation
  • Unity Ad integration
  • Unity Analytics integration
  • AI


  • Level creation
  • Importing of assets
  • Creation of 2D/ 3D assets
  • UI design and implementation
  • Prototyping