Build Woes

This has been a dif­fi­cult week, a week I took off work to A) recov­er from the game jam and B) make an attempt at plough­ing through and get­ting loads of work done on Shh,Zombies (B being the main rea­son). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I did­n’t make as much progress as I’d hoped, but progress has been made! Things […]

Game Jam — Astronaut Sim

This past week­end, Fri 11th — Sun 13th, I attend­ed a game jam up in Luton. There was an open theme, which was great for my team as we had already come up with an idea and now did­n’t need to shoe­horn in the theme to still be able to do that idea. My team […]

Shh,Zombies UI

Marek, my awe­some friend and art guy has designed some amaz­ing bits of UI for Shh,Zombies. Just take a look at these in-game screen­shots!

Shh,Zombies rebuilding of the levels

Hap­py New Year every­one! Since com­ing back from the Christ­mas break, I’ve been re-mak­ing the in-game assets to fit in the grid cor­rect­ly. Mak­ing sure that every­thing is (at min­i­mum) 1x1 grid, and scales up by at least 1 grid — so there are no places where, for exam­ple, the pave­ment takes up 1.5 grids. […]

Shh,Zombies Prototype Launch!

I’d like to offi­cial­ly announce the game I’ve been work­ing on (even though I’ve blogged about it before): Shh,Zombies! I’d also like to use this blog post for the pro­to­type launch, as well as to ask you to have a play of it, and give any feed­back of your expe­ri­ence — more on this towards […]

Unity Project Started!

A few weeks ago I embarked on a long jour­ney, what I imag­ine to be a very long jour­ney. I start­ed my first game in Uni­ty, “Shh,Zombies”. In the few weeks I’ve been work­ing on this, I’ve made a lot more progress than I had expect­ed to do! With some help from a Uni­ty dev […]

A* Path Nodes


In my last post I was talk­ing about a tuto­r­i­al I’d start­ed, writ­ten by Tim Miller from Rock­et 5 Stu­dios, as part of iDe­vBlo­gA­Day. Well, I’ve final­ly pro­gressed as far as fin­ish­ing his tuto­r­i­al! And added an ear­ly main menu. Try my (ear­ly, alpha? nah, pre-alpha!) ver­sion of ‘Lode Run­ner’ here. Still some prob­lems I’m […]

Lode Runner level

New Project

I’ve had a new idea! Well, I’ve fur­thered an old idea into a more well round­ed idea, and done some ear­ly game design. No name as yet for this, it was orig­i­nal­ly planned to be an addi­tion­al app to go with ‘Sur­vive’, my Zom­bie MMO project, but as that will A) take a very long […]

Portal 2 Steam Workshop

Recent­ly I final­ly got around to try­ing out the Por­tal 2 in-game lev­el edi­tor, and now have 2 puz­zles released on the Steam Work­shop (which can be found here). Super­Easy: Direct Link Found it easy to use, but dif­fi­cult to get a feel for how dif­fi­cult the map was for oth­ers, as I’m build­ing it […]

Enigma 23 Logo - slider version

Enigma 23 — First Post!

Hel­lo, wel­come! Wel­come to ‘Enig­ma 23′, the pseu­do real game devel­op­er for the aspir­ing design­er, Peter Law. This site is my port­fo­lio site, I will be adding projects I work on here to show off my work. The rea­son I’m using ‘Enig­ma 23’ for my port­fo­lio, and not my name, is because all of my […]

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