Super 23 Racing – Full Race (Video)

Shortly before Christmas I made great advances with development – after not being able to work on S23R for nearly a year – getting ever closer to a feature complete vertical slice. Check out the video below of a full race, now with some sexy explosions and AI that fires.

What is included in this update?

– Fixed car shadows, so there are no longer gaps
– Added all character scriptable objects
– Added all car scriptable objects
– Update cars with varying speeds and bonuses
– Added character select screen
– Edited ring track, kept it simple but made it less boring
– Created temp prefab for items needed to launch a race without going to the main menu
– Started creating car list prefab, so the spawn order can be manipulated
– Added character select
– Added car select, which now also gives the player the correct car in game
– Updated all car prefabs with weapon slots
– Updated car prefabs with names and ids
– Updated spawn controller to use list of car prefabs, cars are no longer required in the scene
– explosions added for rockets
– explosions added for cars
– Improved player respawning, by adding a path of nodes. Player will now spawn on the last waypoint they passed.
– Added PlayerPath (for spawning, and future weapons) to both tracks
– Improved the look of water
– AI cars now fire backwards too
– Stopped rockets being able to go through some meshes
– updated to Unity 5.5
– other stuff

I like to record and share visually interesting bugs that occur during development, this particular bug happened when I accidentally stopped the AI car waypoints from updating.

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