Super 23 Racing – December Update

I know, it’s March… but this is what the update for a milestone in December was.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to work on Super 23 Racing (S23R), had other things on the go, now back “full” time on it and did quite a bit over the 2 or 3 months leading up to Christmas …

– Fixed car shadows, so there are no longer gaps
– Added all character scriptable objects
– Added all car scriptable objects
– Update cars with varying speeds and bonuses
– Added character select screen
– Edited ring track, kept it simple but made it less boring
– Created temp prefab for items needed to launch a race without going to the main menu
– Started creating car list prefab, so the spawn order can be manipulated
– Added character select
– Added car select, which now also gives the player the correct car in game
– Updated all car prefabs with weapon slots
– Updated car prefabs with names and ids
– Updated spawn controller to use list of car prefabs, cars are no longer required in the scene
– explosions added for rockets
– explosions added for cars
– Improved player respawning, by adding a path of nodes. Player will now spawn on the last waypoint they passed.
– Added PlayerPath (for spawning, and future weapons) to both tracks
– Improved the look of water
– AI cars now fire backwards too
– Stopped rockets being able to go through some meshes
– updated to Unity 5.5
– other stuff

I’ve now got a build with a full player loop, getting close to a full vertical slice of features. This video shows the state of the current build (up until the explosions on the list above)

Whilst trying to tweak the spawning of enemy cars, I moved some code thinking it would do something else, but it ended up stopping the updating of waypoints and provided me with this cool looking bug:

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