I know, it’s March… but this is what the update for a mile­stone in Decem­ber was.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to work on Super 23 Rac­ing (S23R), had oth­er things on the go, now back “full” time on it and did quite a bit over the 2 or 3 months lead­ing up to Christmas …

- Fixed car shad­ows, so there are no longer gaps
— Added all char­ac­ter script­able objects
— Added all car script­able objects
— Update cars with vary­ing speeds and bonuses
— Added char­ac­ter select screen
— Edit­ed ring track, kept it sim­ple but made it less boring
— Cre­at­ed temp pre­fab for items need­ed to launch a race with­out going to the main menu
— Start­ed cre­at­ing car list pre­fab, so the spawn order can be manipulated
— Added char­ac­ter select
— Added car select, which now also gives the play­er the cor­rect car in game
— Updat­ed all car pre­fabs with weapon slots
— Updat­ed car pre­fabs with names and ids
— Updat­ed spawn con­troller to use list of car pre­fabs, cars are no longer required in the scene
— explo­sions added for rockets
— explo­sions added for cars
— Improved play­er respawn­ing, by adding a path of nodes. Play­er will now spawn on the last way­point they passed.
— Added Play­er­Path (for spawn­ing, and future weapons) to both tracks
— Improved the look of water
AI cars now fire back­wards too
— Stopped rock­ets being able to go through some meshes
— updat­ed to Uni­ty 5.5
— oth­er stuff

I’ve now got a build with a full play­er loop, get­ting close to a full ver­ti­cal slice of fea­tures. This video shows the state of the cur­rent build (up until the explo­sions on the list above)

Whilst try­ing to tweak the spawn­ing of ene­my cars, I moved some code think­ing it would do some­thing else, but it end­ed up stop­ping the updat­ing of way­points and pro­vid­ed me with this cool look­ing bug: