Shh, Zombies huge graphical update in the works

SZ Week StatsOver the past few months I’ve noticed that Shh, Zombies is getting a steady download rate of approximately 20-40 new installs, per week, on the Windows store, but hardly any conversions from the trial to full (I think one purchase in the past six months).

I’ve improved my Unity skills by a vast amount, since the release of Shh, Zombies and looking back at it now, I’m not happy with the 3D models. It’s time to attempt to turn those weekly trial installs into purchases by doing a huge graphical update to the game, adding some post processing to the camera, and attempting to make the game run better.

Here are a few screenshots to show a comparison of what to expect in the coming update (old on the left, new on the right (obviously)).

Main Menu

SZ Menu

Level 1

SZ Level 1

Level 3

SZ Level 3

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