MobyGames credits: My MobyGames profile, with the few games listed on there, below is a complete list of games that I have worked on.

Minecart Runner

Format(s): iOS, Android
Released: 07/04/2015 (Android), 17/05/2015 (iOS)
Company: Enigma 23
Role: Learning from, and improving upon, the release of Shh, Zombies, Minecart Runner is my second solo title where I have taken on all roles needed to publish on iOS and Android market places.

Shh, Zombies

Format(s): iOS, Android, Windows Store (Desktop)
Released: 28/10/2014 (iOS/ Android), 22/07/2014 (Windows Store)
Company: Enigma 23
Role: This is my first project as an indie developer, I’ve taken on all aspects required of me to be able to ship this game, ranging from (but not limited to): game designer, coder, UI/ UX designer, PR and marketing.

Astro Shark

Format(s): iOS, Android
Released: 06/03/2013
Role: QA functionality and user experience testing. Game design and gameplay feedback.
After Laika, the Russian Space Dog, is kidnapped from Astro Shark’s loving fins and sent blasting off into the deep space by evil Space Dog knappers, Astro Shark sets about tracking down his beloved pooch and returning home.

Captain Morgan: Captain’s Conquest

Format(s): iOS, Android
Released: 03/2012
Role: QA functionality and user experience testing. Game design and gameplay feedback.

Electric Tentacle

Format(s): iOS
Released: 27/09/2012
Role: QA functionality and user experience testing. Game design and gameplay feedback.

In this infinite runner, you and your animal friends have been shrunk down to nano-size by the invaders and now you have to escape! Tap the screen to zap a bolt of electricity which will drag your creatures toward it. Navigate through tricky obstacles and be careful to not get munched by the nasty enemies!


Format(s): PC
Released: 01/09/2010
Role: QA functionality and localisation testing. Community Management.

TLBB is a Free-To-Play Martial Arts MMORPG adapted from the popular Chinese novel Tian Long Ba Bu which was written by famous martial arts Wuxia writer Jin Yong. Developed by ChangYou, TLBB attracts such a vast amount of players that it is currently ranked 3rd in the Chinese MMORPG market.

Perfect Dark Arcade

Format(s): Xbox 360
Released: 12/03/2010
Role: QA functionality testing.

Perfect Dark Arcade is a remake of the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter Perfect Dark, developed by Rare and released in 2000. The player controls Joanna Dark, an operative for the fictional Carrington Institute, as she attempts to stop a conspiracy by rival corporation dataDyne. Things become complicated rapidly as she finds herself in the middle of a war between two alien races who have allied themselves with different factions on Earth.

Perfect Dark Arcade was under development for nearly a year and features several improvements over the original game, including higher resolution textures and models, and a multiplayer that supports the Xbox Live online service.

Football Manager Live

Format(s): PC (Download and DVD)
Released: 04/11/2008 – Download, 23/01/2009 – DVD
Role: Assistant Team Lead on functionality testing of FML, and Team Lead of testing the website for FML.

Burnout Paradise

Format(s): Xbox 360, PS3
Released: 25/01/2008
Whilst at SEGA I was asked to return to EA as a Team Lead to work on Burnout Paradise. I was in charge of 8 testers working on the online section of the 5th Burnout game. This was a great opportunity for me to gain more experience, higher up than a functionality tester. Unfortunately I was hired at the end of the project, so my contract was for 6 weeks. However I learnt a lot and gained excellent experience at leading a team.

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Format(s): PC
Released: 11/12/2007
Universe at War: Earth Assault is an RTS game and the third game I worked on. My job on this was a bit different to previous work as I was doing localisation functionality testing. This means that because the game was being made in the U.S SEGA of America (SOA) were doing the functionality on the English version, QA SEGA of Europe (SOE) were doing functionality for the European languages. My job was to find issues that were only present in any of the none English version, whether it be in the single-player or multi-player.

The game itself is very good, with three factions to play as. The Hierarchy, the first faction the player takes control of. They are a rapacious species bent on pillaging the galaxy of its very lifeblood. After completing the Hierarchy missions, continuing the story, the player then gets to control the Novus. A race of sentient machines that travels the galaxy via wormhole technology in search of their sworn enemy, the Hierarchy. The final faction that the player gets to play as are the Masari, an ancient race of near-godlike renown. Evolving far beyond the primitive technology of other species, they alone have unlocked the secrets of reality, wielding both light and dark energy with awe-inspiring ease.

The Club

Format(s): Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date: 08/02/2008
After leaving EA I found myself at SEGA in Chiswick, where I worked on The Club doing functionality testing on the Xbox360 and PS3. During my time on this project I became one of the top buggers, surpassing people who had been on the project for double the length of time I had. I also got the opportunity to travel to Sweden to demo the game at a small retail event ran by SEGA’s Nordic distributors.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Format(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, Wii
Released: 2
My first job in the games industry was as a functionality tester working at EA on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I was offered the chance to work for EA through a Producer I helped out with some online community work for a game released late 2006. I learnt a lot about the industry and QA whilst I was working for EA. When I started Harry Potter was in pre-Alpha, so I was lucky enough to see the game through from pre-Alpha, to Alpha, to Beta and finally release.

Ever since I was 11, I’ve been wanting to be working in the games industry making games. When I first saw my name in the credits for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it was a dream come true and I am now getting ever closer to my goal of becoming a Designer!