Windows Store Trial – One Month On

On February 25th 2015 I released an update to ‘Shh, Zombies’ on the Windows Store (desktop), this update added a trial version allowing people who downloaded to play the first 5 day time levels before having to purchase the game.

Pre-Trial Figures

In the months from initial release (July 22nd 2014) the Windows Store stats for Shh, Zombies were:

  • Approximately 900 page views
  • 4 purchases


On the 25th February an average month for Shh, Zombies looked a bit like the above image, though in that image the 1 download/ purchase was me downloading the trial to test it worked properly.

Post-Trial Figures

By the 25th March, the stats have changed to look like the below image:


As you can see, the page views has more than doubled, and downloads have increased dramatically, however, still no purchases within this time. The views by referrer has also changed to be more evenly spread, though I’m not sure why as I didn’t do anything (consciously) to spread the word about Shh, Zombies.

As of today, while I write this blog, the stats (for the past 12 months) currently sit at:

  • 1,321 page views
  • 6 purchases

Windows Store Trial Summary

By adding the trial version I’ve increased the downloads quite dramatically in a short period of time, going from 21 downloads up to 56 (an extra 35 downloads in 1 month). However, I only got 1 additional purchase, this leads me to believe that Shh, Zombies requires more work and polish to be worthy enough to part people with their money. While I am proud of Shh, Zombies, for a first game, it’s clear the first 5 levels people get to trial are not enough to entice them into purchasing the full game.

3 Months downloads (25th Jan – 25th March)
150325-WinStoreDownloads3Months1 Months downloads (25th Feb – 25th March)


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