Unity Asset Store Recommendations

I like the Uni­ty Asset Store, a lot, I check it dai­ly at ~2pm to see what the days 24 hour sale is, used to have a Lev­el 11 account, have a long list of assets bought/ got free and have a long, very long, wish list. I signed up a while ago to be an affil­i­ate, so if you click any of the links below and end up mak­ing a pur­chase of that asset, I’ll get reward­ed. All the ones I’m link­ing to I’ve used.

Edi­tor Con­sole Pro is the first thing I import into a new project, I find it much eas­i­er to use and fol­low than the Uni­ty default con­sole. Errors are prop­er­ly high­light­ed in the stack trace, and you’re able to dou­ble click on which ever line of code you want to be tak­en too. Fea­tures I should real­ly use/ get around to using are the search and cus­tom fil­ters.

Dev sup­port: I haven’t had any need to con­tact this dev, but there are fair­ly reg­u­lar updates to the plu­g­in.

Achieve­ment Ser­vice Man­ag­er, I’ve used this in both of my released mobile games, ASM even men­tion my first game (Shh, Zom­bies) in their asset store descrip­tion! iOS inte­gra­tion was easy enough, Android took me a bit of work to do but the dev was very help­ful with get­ting this set­up, send­ing me updat­ed builds and guid­ed me through get­ting every­thing work­ing… I believe to my ben­e­fit (get­ting achieve­ments in the Android ver­sion) and to their ben­e­fit, get­ting feed­back and test­ing from me.

Dev sup­port: They were very help­ful and always replied with­in 24 hours, how­ev­er the asset has­n’t been updat­ed since 2015.

I start­ed off using iTween, then found out about LeanTween, but in my new job they use DOTween so now I’m used to DOTween. I’m not sure there’s much dif­fer­ence in per­for­mance between LeanTween and DOTween (though haven’t looked in a while) I’m only rec­om­mend­ing DOTween over LeanTween here because it’s what I’m used to, has good doc­u­men­ta­tion and active com­mu­ni­ty.

Dev sup­port: Haven’t had to con­tact the dev as yet, the doc­u­men­ta­tion has usu­al­ly been enough and when that fails I’ve got co-work­ers to get help from.

Dreamteck Splines is the best spline sys­tem I’ve used, easy to set­up and imple­ment. Dreamteck Splines still falls afoul of the same issue I’ve had with oth­er spline sys­tems — adding a point in 3D space can be dif­fi­cult to place in the right loca­tion, I also strug­gle with Untiy’s scene giz­mos not being in 3d space prop­er­ly so mov­ing spline points to where I need them can some­times be tricky.

Dev sup­port: Lots of reg­u­lar updates, with bug fix­es and the occa­sion­al new addi­tion.

With­out Grid Frame­work I prob­a­bly would nev­er have fin­ished Shh, Zom­bies. I remem­ber it being fair­ly easy to work with, even for the noob that I was all those years ago when I used it. The doc­u­men­ta­tion was easy to under­stand and use­ful.

Dev sup­port: I need­ed some help fig­ur­ing out exact­ly how to imple­ment some­thing, post­ed my ques­tion on the Grid Frame­work Uni­ty forum thread and got a quick reply. The dev has since dep­re­cat­ed the ver­sion I bought and released a ver­sion 2 (the linked asset), which has been updat­ed recent­ly.

inCon­trol is now an essen­tial part of the games I devel­op. After I ven­tured beyond mobile it became a heavy work load to try and cater for all the con­trol schemes and input devices avail­able on the PC, util­is­ing inCon­trol mit­i­gates that prob­lem — easy to work with for sin­gle play­er (hope­ful­ly will be for local mul­ti­play­er too, when I get round to it).

Dev sup­port: Before buy­ing inCon­trol I emailed the dev and received a quick reply, haven’t need to con­tact him since pur­chase. The asset is well sup­port­ed on the Uni­ty forums and with reg­u­lar updates fix­ing bugs and adding sup­port for new con­trollers.

Oth­er devs I know use Rewired and give it good feed­back.

Mad Lev­el Man­ag­er, anoth­er asset that was instru­men­tal in the com­ple­tion of my first game, cut­ting a mas­sive chunk of work out allow­ing me to con­cen­trate on the game and not the back­end of lev­el con­trol (unlock­ing, track­ing stars, etc). Very easy to under­stand and imple­ment.

Dev sup­port: This is pos­si­bly the best sup­port I’ve had. The dev has forum threads on Uni­ty for users to post in, and he replied reg­u­lar­ly when I last looked, he also has red­mine set­up on his site. Dur­ing the devel­op­ment of the Win­dows Store ver­sion for Shh, Zom­bies Mad Lev­el Man­ag­er was giv­ing me some issues with the build, which the devel­op­er was unable to recre­ate. He teamviewed into my machine, to debug the issue, fixed it and then imple­ment­ed the fix in his next update. I also have him as a Skype con­tact, but I for­get why now, prob­a­bly the same issue.

Scion is a post pro­cess­ing pack which improved the visu­al qual­i­ty of Shh, Zom­bies and Super 23 Rac­ing a great deal in a very short amount of time.

Dev sup­port: I haven’t had a need to con­tact the dev of this asset, but unfor­tu­nate­ly they don’t have a Uni­ty forum thread and their site is using Wix which requires flash (I’m on Chrome so can’t access it).

It’s amaz­ing how much of a dif­fer­ence ambi­ent occlu­sion makes, such a small addi­tion to a scene with a mas­sive impact. SSAO pro is easy to set­up, tweak and even ran fine on the mobile ver­sions of Shh, Zom­bies.

Dev sup­port: It’s nev­er been need­ed, a sim­ple asset which is easy to use an imple­ment. The sup­port web­site on the Uni­ty Asset Store links to the devs (active) Twit­ter account.

Uni­Rate, used in both of my mobile games, and is now an essen­tial plu­g­in for any mobile project I use. There’s no need to do any cod­ing with this, just throw in the pre­fab to your scene, set it up how you want (store ID’s, uses until prompt, events until prompt, remind peri­od, mes­sage title and mes­sage, etc).

Dev sup­port: Again, nev­er need­ed it, the asset is so easy to use and works.

If for some rea­son you don’t like Uni­ty’s UGUI (the new UI sys­tem includ­ed from Uni­ty 4.6), NGUI is the best (only?) alter­na­tive. I used it for Shh, Zom­bies and got on well with it. Well worth the pur­chase.

Dev sup­port: When I start­ed using NGUI updates were lack­ing (I believe the dev was actu­al­ly work­ing with/for/at Uni­ty help­ing improve their UI sys­tem), then they start­ed pick­ing up and improv­ing a lot and updat­ing often. The doc­u­men­ta­tion is quite exten­sive, with a decent size com­mu­ni­ty and active forum to get help from.