Shh,Zombies rebuilding of the levels

Happy New Year everyone!

Since coming back from the Christmas break, I’ve been re-making the in-game assets to fit in the grid correctly. Making sure that everything is (at minimum) 1×1 grid, and scales up by at least 1 grid – so there are no places where, for example, the pavement takes up 1.5 grids. Doing this scaling makes it a lot easier to put levels together, and makes it so there is no need to worry about hit boxes needing to be resized.

A new feature into this build, is the hard difficulty (night levels). Each of the previous 5 levels you’ve played already, now have a night mode, where there are more enemies, the solution is different, harder and (hopefully) challenging! Although, keep in mind these 5 levels are being built to serve as tutorial levels.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the webplayer build isn’t great. It looks much better in the desktop build.

I’ve also changed the UI a bit, to the layout which is closer to how the final look will be. Many people were missing the ‘Restart’ button in the top left, in its temporary home, hopefully this new layout is clearer. The whole UI will be replaced with NGUI at some point.

‘Patch’ Notes:
– Levels have all been remade (everything fits in the grid now)
– UI has been moved around a bit
– Night levels added (although they look poor in the webplayer)
– GameAnalytics added (tracking very basic things)

So, this weekend was spent re-building the levels, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback of your experience, and here’s the build for your enjoyment.

Play Shh,Zombies Prototype 5

Unity level building

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