Recent­ly I final­ly got around to try­ing out the Por­tal 2 in-game lev­el edi­tor, and now have 2 puz­zles released on the Steam Work­shop (which can be found here).

Super­Easy: Direct Link
Found it easy to use, but dif­fi­cult to get a feel for how dif­fi­cult the map was for oth­ers, as I’m build­ing it … I found it rather easy. Say­ing that though, I did­n’t approach my first try in any “for­mal” way at all, just had a rough idea in my head and went with it — no drawing/ plan­ning stage, will need to think hard­er and plan things out bet­ter in future! Cer­tain­ly more prac­tice and thought is need­ed in my lev­els, at the moment I feel they’re more a process of elim­i­na­tion, rather than a puz­zle to fig­ure out … time to replay Por­tal and Por­tal 2.

Super­Easy — First Por­tal 2 map

Bouncey­Bounce: Direct Link
My sec­ond attempt, I approached dif­fer­ent­ly, this time plan­ning out a rough sketch on paper, before jump­ing into Por­tal 2 and load­ing the editor.

Paper plan­ning stage, rough sketch, of BounceyBounce

With this lev­el, I had to do some QA as the play­er could get stuck and have to quit the lev­el to restart. Using the ‘Trac­tor Beam’ it was pos­si­ble for the play­er to get to the but­ton and become stuck behind the glass, so I added the ‘Laser Field’ to stop the play­er try­ing — some­thing which I did­n’t think of dur­ing the paper plan­ning phase. 

It’s a lit­tle dif­fi­cult to find a good angle to take the screen­shot at, as peo­ple can see it before even down­load­ing, I don’t want to give away how to do things, main­ly with the ‘Faith Plate’ puz­zle on this level.

Bouncey­Bounce — Sec­ond Por­tal map