Portal 2 Steam Workshop

Recently I finally got around to trying out the Portal 2 in-game level editor, and now have 2 puzzles released on the Steam Workshop (which can be found here).

SuperEasy: Direct Link
Found it easy to use, but difficult to get a feel for how difficult the map was for others, as I’m building it … I found it rather easy. Saying that though, I didn’t approach my first try in any “formal” way at all, just had a rough idea in my head and went with it – no drawing/ planning stage, will need to think harder and plan things out better in future! Certainly more practice and thought is needed in my levels, at the moment I feel they’re more a process of elimination, rather than a puzzle to figure out … time to replay Portal and Portal 2.

SuperEasy – First Portal 2 map

BounceyBounce: Direct Link
My second attempt, I approached differently, this time planning out a rough sketch on paper, before jumping into Portal 2 and loading the editor.

Paper planning stage, rough sketch, of BounceyBounce

With this level, I had to do some QA as the player could get stuck and have to quit the level to restart. Using the ‘Tractor Beam’ it was possible for the player to get to the button and become stuck behind the glass, so I added the ‘Laser Field’ to stop the player trying – something which I didn’t think of during the paper planning phase.

It’s a little difficult to find a good angle to take the screenshot at, as people can see it before even downloading, I don’t want to give away how to do things, mainly with the ‘Faith Plate’ puzzle on this level.

BounceyBounce – Second Portal map

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