This past week­end, Fri 11th — Sun 13th, I attend­ed a game jam up in Luton. There was an open theme, which was great for my team as we had already come up with an idea and now did­n’t need to shoe­horn in the theme to still be able to do that idea.

My team was Wolfwash, I was the team cap­tain, the name came from my online nick (Car­wash) com­bined with the co-founder/ co-cap­tain Wolf­je (also act­ing as Lead Devel­op­er). Also on the team was Wal­do­ma­gi­cian (Devel­op­er), Guiz­mo (Devel­op­er) and Black­man­L­loyd (Artist).

We have a web­play­er build up online for your enjoy­ment, check it out and feel free to offer your thoughts, feed­back, com­ments, etc.


The con­trols are in the instruc­tions menu, but here they are quick­ly anyway:
— A, S, W, D = rotate the play­er around
— Q, E = grab with Left/ Right hand
MB1/ MB2 = extend Left/ Right arm
— 1, 2, 3, 4 = equip tool
— Space = hide tool

Click here to Play

Astro Sim