Game Jam – Astronaut Sim

This past weekend, Fri 11th – Sun 13th, I attended a game jam up in Luton. There was an open theme, which was great for my team as we had already come up with an idea and now didn’t need to shoehorn in the theme to still be able to do that idea.

My team was Wolfwash, I was the team captain, the name came from my online nick (Carwash) combined with the co-founder/ co-captain Wolfje (also acting as Lead Developer). Also on the team was Waldomagician (Developer), Guizmo (Developer) and BlackmanLloyd (Artist).

We have a webplayer build up online for your enjoyment, check it out and feel free to offer your thoughts, feedback, comments, etc.


The controls are in the instructions menu, but here they are quickly anyway:
– A, S, W, D = rotate the player around
– Q, E = grab with Left/ Right hand
– MB1/ MB2 = extend Left/ Right arm
– 1, 2, 3, 4 = equip tool
– Space = hide tool

Click here to Play

Astro Sim

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