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Player Design Process

From the start of development, I knew Shh, Zombies would be cube based in its models for characters and levels. I’d found a program to make these models, Qubicle (, which would allow me to concentrate on making the game, and not get side tracked having to learn how to model in 3DS Max. Below […]

Build Woes

This has been a difficult week, a week I took off work to A) recover from the game jam and B) make an attempt at ploughing through and getting loads of work done on Shh,Zombies (B being the main reason). Unfortunately, I didn’t make as much progress as I’d hoped, but progress has been made! Things […]

Game Jam – Astronaut Sim

This past weekend, Fri 11th – Sun 13th, I attended a game jam up in Luton. There was an open theme, which was great for my team as we had already come up with an idea and now didn’t need to shoehorn in the theme to still be able to do that idea. My team […]

Shh,Zombies UI

Marek, my awesome friend and art guy has designed some amazing bits of UI for Shh,Zombies. Just take a look at these in-game screenshots!

Shh,Zombies rebuilding of the levels

Happy New Year everyone! Since coming back from the Christmas break, I’ve been re-making the in-game assets to fit in the grid correctly. Making sure that everything is (at minimum) 1×1 grid, and scales up by at least 1 grid – so there are no places where, for example, the pavement takes up 1.5 grids. […]

Shh,Zombies Prototype Launch!

I’d like to officially announce the game I’ve been working on (even though I’ve blogged about it before): Shh,Zombies! I’d also like to use this blog post for the prototype launch, as well as to ask you to have a play of it, and give any feedback of your experience – more on this towards […]

Unity Project Started!

A few weeks ago I embarked on a long journey, what I imagine to be a very long journey. I started my first game in Unity, “Shh,Zombies”. In the few weeks I’ve been working on this, I’ve made a lot more progress than I had expected to do! With some help from a Unity dev […]

A* Path Nodes


In my last post I was talking about a tutorial I’d started, written by Tim Miller from Rocket 5 Studios, as part of iDevBlogADay. Well, I’ve finally progressed as far as finishing his tutorial! And added an early main menu. Try my (early, alpha? nah, pre-alpha!) version of ‘Lode Runner’ here. Still some problems I’m […]

Lode Runner level

New Project

I’ve had a new idea! Well, I’ve furthered an old idea into a more well rounded idea, and done some early game design. No name as yet for this, it was originally planned to be an additional app to go with ‘Survive’, my Zombie MMO project, but as that will A) take a very long […]

Portal 2 Steam Workshop

Recently I finally got around to trying out the Portal 2 in-game level editor, and now have 2 puzzles released on the Steam Workshop (which can be found here). SuperEasy: Direct Link Found it easy to use, but difficult to get a feel for how difficult the map was for others, as I’m building it […]

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