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Super 23 Racing — Full Race (Video)

Short­ly before Christ­mas I made great advances with devel­op­ment — after not being able to work on S23R for near­ly a year — get­ting ever clos­er to a fea­ture com­plete ver­ti­cal slice. Check out the video below of a full race, now with some sexy explo­sions and AI that fires. What is includ­ed in this update? […]

Portfolio Piece

I’ve recent­ly start­ed work on a new port­fo­lio piece, which I want­ed to show off, the project will have a small hub world which will lead off to four games. Hub A rotat­ing cube which allows the play­er to run around on five of the cubes faces. The start­ing face, the top of the cube, will […]

Shh, Zombies Levels Up!

The upgrades to Shh, Zom­bies have been fin­ished, and pushed to all stores, at the time of writ­ing just two are wait­ing for final pub­lish­ing. The update is free for all, if you’ve already got ‘Shh, Zom­bies’ or ‘Shh, Zom­bies FREE’ all you need to do is update (or re-down­load) it from the app store. […]

Shh, Zombies huge graphical update in the works

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that Shh, Zom­bies is get­ting a steady down­load rate of approx­i­mate­ly 20–40 new installs, per week, on the Win­dows store, but hard­ly any con­ver­sions from the tri­al to full (I think one pur­chase in the past six months). I’ve improved my Uni­ty skills by a vast amount, since […]

Super 23 Racing — Update

  Just a small update on ‘Super 23 Rac­ing’, as I’ve now been work­ing on it for the past few months and made quite a bit of progress. I now have: 1 near com­plete track, with scenery Improved light­ing and cam­era effects Con­troller sup­port added for Steam Con­trollers (need to test with Xbox and Playsta­tion […]

Minecart Runner v1.09 and Amazon

This week I decid­ed to take Ama­zon up on their offer of sub­mit­ting Minecart Run­ner to their new Under­ground project, but first this would require changing/ updat­ing a few things in the cur­rent project. The last update (1.07) was done with Uni­ty 5.0.1, so I need­ed (/ want­ed) to update to 5.2. This would also require […]

The Third Game — Super 23 Racing

If you’ve been fol­low­ing my social media posts, you’ll already be aware of the third title I’ve start­ed work­ing on, if not allow me to announce it now — ‘Super 23 Rac­ing’! Super 23 Rac­ing Super 23 Rac­ing is a top down rac­ing game, where play­ers com­pete to earn points, mon­ey and unlock more tracks […]

Windows Store Trial — One Month On

On Feb­ru­ary 25th 2015 I released an update to ‘Shh, Zom­bies’ on the Win­dows Store (desk­top), this update added a tri­al ver­sion allow­ing peo­ple who down­loaded to play the first 5 day time lev­els before hav­ing to pur­chase the game. Pre-Tri­al Fig­ures In the months from ini­tial release (July 22nd 2014) the Win­dows Store stats for […]

Shh, Zombies Sales Post Mortem

Win­dows Store On July 22nd I released my first game, which I had been work­ing on (most­ly) by myself — I had help with the UI and a friend was guid­ing me with C# ques­tions when need­ed. The plat­form of choice for the ini­tial release was the Win­dows Store (desk­top). I chose this store for two rea­sons: The […]

Level Design Process

Sim­i­lar to the play­er design process, the lev­el design process start­ed off with basic sketch­es, with the aim of teach­ing the play­er how to play through lev­el design — rather than hav­ing a hand hold­ing tuto­r­i­al. So the sketch­es began, with designs and game­play fea­tures that would end up being dropped until a lat­er time, […]

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