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Super 23 Racing – Full Race (Video)

Shortly before Christmas I made great advances with development – after not being able to work on S23R for nearly a year – getting ever closer to a feature complete vertical slice. Check out the video below of a full race, now with some sexy explosions and AI that fires. What is included in this update? […]

Portfolio Piece

I’ve recently started work on a new portfolio piece, which I wanted to show off, the project will have a small hub world which will lead off to four games. Hub A rotating cube which allows the player to run around on five of the cubes faces. The starting face, the top of the cube, will […]

Shh, Zombies Levels Up!

The upgrades to Shh, Zombies have been finished, and pushed to all stores, at the time of writing just two are waiting for final publishing. The update is free for all, if you’ve already got ‘Shh, Zombies’ or ‘Shh, Zombies FREE’ all you need to do is update (or re-download) it from the app store. […]

Shh, Zombies huge graphical update in the works

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that Shh, Zombies is getting a steady download rate of approximately 20-40 new installs, per week, on the Windows store, but hardly any conversions from the trial to full (I think one purchase in the past six months). I’ve improved my Unity skills by a vast amount, since […]

Super 23 Racing – Update

  Just a small update on ‘Super 23 Racing’, as I’ve now been working on it for the past few months and made quite a bit of progress. I now have: 1 near complete track, with scenery Improved lighting and camera effects Controller support added for Steam Controllers (need to test with Xbox and Playstation […]

Minecart Runner v1.09 and Amazon

This week I decided to take Amazon up on their offer of submitting Minecart Runner to their new Underground project, but first this would require changing/ updating a few things in the current project. The last update (1.07) was done with Unity 5.0.1, so I needed (/ wanted) to update to 5.2. This would also require […]

The Third Game – Super 23 Racing

If you’ve been following my social media posts, you’ll already be aware of the third title I’ve started working on, if not allow me to announce it now – ‘Super 23 Racing’! Super 23 Racing Super 23 Racing is a top down racing game, where players compete to earn points, money and unlock more tracks […]

Windows Store Trial – One Month On

On February 25th 2015 I released an update to ‘Shh, Zombies’ on the Windows Store (desktop), this update added a trial version allowing people who downloaded to play the first 5 day time levels before having to purchase the game. Pre-Trial Figures In the months from initial release (July 22nd 2014) the Windows Store stats for […]

Shh, Zombies Sales Post Mortem

Windows Store On July 22nd I released my first game, which I had been working on (mostly) by myself – I had help with the UI and a friend was guiding me with C# questions when needed. The platform of choice for the initial release was the Windows Store (desktop). I chose this store for two reasons: The […]

Level Design Process

Similar to the player design process, the level design process started off with basic sketches, with the aim of teaching the player how to play through level design – rather than having a hand holding tutorial. So the sketches began, with designs and gameplay features that would end up being dropped until a later time, […]

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