This is a plu­g­in for users who work worth Unity’s mul­ti-scene edit­ing and are frus­trat­ed with the cum­ber­some built in
way of swap­ping in/out scenes. ELP fix­es this prob­lem, mak­ing work­ing with mul­ti-scene edit­ing in the edi­tor quick and
easy. No more search­ing for your scenes fold­er, then your scene and then drag­ging and drop­ping it into the hier­ar­chy —
just sim­ply cre­ate a pair­ing, then load it quick­ly using the ELP edi­tor win­dow.

Active Scene — set which scene you want to load as the “active” edi­tor scene, EG: the scene with your light bake,
or the scene to load from in play mode.

ELP comes with 4 pre­made pair­ings, which load 6 demo scenes in var­i­ous com­bi­na­tions to show off the plu­g­in. 
(These are not required and can be removed from the project once you’re done with them.)